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Our DevOps/Agile/Lean services (consulting, training, and content) are now provided under the Teal Unicorn brand. This is an experiment to test a new image that is fresh and aligned to Agile principles.

Teal because of Frederic Laloux's model of Teal Culture

Unicorn because of the DevOps iconography around the term "unicorn".

The New Way Of Working because it is. In decades to come we will have a good laugh about how awful IT was before Agile.

Please Let us know what you think about this new branding.

Two Hills Ltd is the business vehicle for its owner and principal, Rob England, based in Wellington, New Zealand. Two Hills provides business services globally, ranging from IT consulting services, to content, speaking, training/coaching, and web journalism. Contact us here. See Rob's profile here.

In everything we do, it is all about "sensible business practices":

We are heavy on common sense, as distinct from purist theory. We take a pragmatic, practical approach to deliver the results. We are sceptical of technology or process for its own sake.

We understand business (and public service) imperatives. We are driven by return on investment, cost justification, necessary compliance, and risk control.

Our expertise is around operational practices: the combination of policy, plans and people to operate the organisation. We work in IT governance, management, and operations.

We are moving away from a process-centric approach promoted by the likes of ITIL and ISO20000. These tools have their place and we still use them, but the emphasis should be on empowering knowledge workers to be more effective in their own ways based on their own professionalism, within a framework of guidance support, measurement and accountability. Process design is a lower priority: we think it is too technical and theoretical. We prefer the practical approach taking selected elements from tools like DevOps, Lean IT, Adaptive Case Management, Agile, Kanban, Knowledge Centred Support, ITIL, and the outcome-based framework of COBIT.

Two Hills is differentiated by our independence, frankness, and Kiwi no-nonsense approach.

Rob is an internationally recognised thought leader in IT through his blog The IT Skeptic.

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Two Hills Ltd provides real consulting: we charge for the hours we work and we work only when we are providing useful service to you, which is generally high level advice and planning (though we are also happy to roll our sleeves up and get things done for you too). We tend to steer away from 5-days-a-week contracting except when you need an operational role created or temporarily filled.

Our primary consultants are Rob England and Dr. Vu, though we can bring in a wide range of experienced experts to help.

We work for a wide range of organisations: local government, national government, businesses, not-for-profits. We have been engaged by some of the largest and smallest organisations in New Zealand.

Much of our consulting is delivered through our Wellington partners DeFine Group, Integri-T, and Resultex.

Consulting on IT strategy and governance: Rob's critical, skeptical and pragmatic approach to IT adds value to any strategic or governance planning, bringing an experienced eye to the development and review of strategy, policy, structures, plans and processes. We use COBIT® best practices as our reference framework of choice, and draw from a wide range of other bodies of knowledge preference for any one. We can help:

    review capability and risk in governance and management of IT

    establish governance structures and processes in your organisation to better manage the value, risks and costs of your IT department

    develop strategy, policy and plans for IT including ISSP, investment programme, service portfolio, policy framework, and principles

    transform IT - systems, people, practices, and tools - with approaches such as Continual Improvement and DevOps

    service-based financial management: budgeting and costing services, creating rate cards and cost allocation.

Consulting on Ways of Working: We know DevOps and Service Management.   We use COBIT as our reference framework of choice, and we also extensively reference ITIL® best practices . Some areas where we specialise include:

    Service design improvement: raising the quality of services delivered through evaluation, comparison against best practice, and development of a planned improvement programme

    Service delivery remediation: troubleshooting dysfunctional service delivery functions and practices. Get your people and culture back on track.

    Service catalogue and portfolio: we guide the development of the heart of service management, the catalogue. This should be an early and central part of any service improvement programme, to focus and drive cultural change and to provide a linch-pin for all processes.

    Cultural change: when it comes to driving a service management mindset, we provide advice for planning and workshops for execution.

    Service lifecycle: approaches to service build and change, especially the integration of traditional waterfall approaches with Agile and DevOps to provide Multi-Speed IT capabilities.

    ITSM coaching: Help your staff through an ITSM improvement (please don't say "implementation").  Most consultants will provide either a one-off packaged engagement (eg. training course, packaged implementation) or continuous services by the day or week.  Many organisations can only afford to do the ongoing work in-house, so an initial training and/or implementation package is purchased then the organisation is left to drift, going it alone.  We provide an ongoing packaged service of regular ITSM coaching to keep your people on track, and to help overcome the day-to-day sticking points that arise.

    Workshops and seminars: Two Hills offers onsite half-day or one-day seminars and workshops on a range of ITSM topics to stimulate learning and debate within your organisation.

    Review of requirements or review of proposals:  We start from the position of questioning any assumptions around what is the best option for your organisation and then reviewing the ROI and rationale of adoption.  We take a hard look especially at any technological requirements to ensure these arise from genuine process need. How Rob approaches these reviews is hinted at by his blog The IT Skeptic and his book Owning ITIL®.

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When you source content from Two Hills, you will get a freshness of viewpoint, an independence of opinion, and an originality of ideas that you won't find in many other providers of IT content. Our material is unique. If required, it is also provocative and quirky.

Piecework writing: See Rob's portfolio of published content.  He will write ghost content for articles, white papers, webpages, blogs etc.  This can be organised remotely anywhere in the world via phone, VoIP and email.

Public speaking:  Rob has been invited as keynote speaker at a number of conferences, and invited multiple times by itSMFnz, itSMF Australia, CCLearning PRINCE2 and Pink Elephant USA. He was voted best speaker at itSMFnz 2011 national conference and was voted second-best speaker at itSMF Best Practice Netherlands 2008.
He can speak to a wide range of topics.

Bid writing: Rob has considerable experience in the software sales industry as a business technologist: communicating between the need and the solution, between clients and techos, in a presales context.  He is available on hourly contract to review, manage and/or edit your sales bids (RFI, RFP, RFT etc).  This can be done remotely anywhere in the world via phone, VoIP and email.

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Seminars and workshops. Two Hills provides a range of shorter workshops and seminars on a range of topics, based on the fresh, alternative IT ideas of Rob England. Visit our Workshops and Seminars page for details.

DevOps training. Two Hills provides training on DevOps Foundation and Certified Agile Service Manager via our partner ALC. Visit ALC for details.
We also provide our own Introduction to DevOps

EnGrok professional training and coaching, focus on sales and service. See the EnGrok website for details of courses, which include:

    DevOps transformation:  a two-week intensive transformation "intervention" to introduce and embed DevOps concepts, behaviours, and practices.
    Service Management:   introducing the concepts.
    Presentation skills:  Rob has presented many times to audiences from 3 to 300, and managed and coached presenters for ten years.  A coaching workshop can be tailored to your individual skill or content needs, as you and Rob judge them.  We use our own proprietary methodologies for evaluation, skills building and content development.
    Sales: Rob has been selling software for twenty years: as a presales techo, and as a manager and coach of presales people.  Rob is heavily trained and experienced in selling. He has developed and delivered training and coaching for sales staff.
    Technical staff sales development: if presales people aren't in selling mode, or consultants are not bringing back opportunities, morale is low and cynicism high, product demonstrations take you backwards, or people don't have the skills to sell and close, then talk to Two Hills about a professional development program.  Rob is highly successful at motivating and training technical staff.

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