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We try to test our sites with Internet Explorer, Chrome (our choice), and Firefox.

Two Hills sites are built with Drupal, an excellent Content Management System we have used and we recommend for several different types of website. Additional Drupal modules we use include akismet, audio, mycaptcha captcha/recaptcha, cck, globalredirect, image and image assist imagepicker, jrating, xmlsitemap, print, quiz, service_links (heavily modified), subscriptions, tagadelic, usernode, urllist, views, votingapi, wikitools, our in-house-developed oreckon and simple_ads, and many more. The newsletters are done with the epublish and simplenews modules (and a little bit of magic).

Why Drupal?

  • open source
  • huge userbase
  • modular design
  • scalable and robust
  • many available modules with wide range of rich functionality OOTB
  • "one of the best" for accessibility
  • simple platform (for me), PHP and MySQL. No Java coding required.

Why not Drupal?

  • not beginner-friendly: big learning curve, rough packaging - much improved in Version 5 but don't expect setup.exe
  • security a bit of a concern, not integral to the core. Getting better with every release.
  • e-commerce was pretty rough. Also improving. Hoping it will be great by the time I need it :-D. Now there is ubercart and other options.
  • nothing else I can think of

Under Drupal is the LAMP stack: Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP.

The site is hosted by WestHost. WestHost do VPS, much better than shared server (well OK the box is shared but the virtual server is all yours). In the good times Two Hills moved up to our own dedicated hardware machine (Red Hat, P3 1.3 GHZ, 3 GB RAM, 500 GB Bandwidth, 250 GB EIDE HD) for ten times as much money, but with the recession we've moved back down to a VPS and the performance and stability has remained very good (guess it depends on your neighbours on the server). Excellent service, good prices, good availability and performance. Highly recommended.

This page is part of a book: "About"
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