New Ways Of Working And Managing


Agile thinking is transforming IT, enterprises, government, and society. Its impact is far reaching enough to talk of it as a renaissance in thinking, a refresh or step change that comes only once or twice a century. This is not an exaggeration.

This is leading to New Ways Of Working: iterative, incremental, experimenting, exploring complex systems. These are displacing the ideas of big-bang projects; zero risk; certainty and accuracy; plan once execute perfectly; failure is not an option.
Our Latin motto is "Velocitas Per Qualitatem" : velocity through quality, the New Way Of Working. At its heart, the agile way is about going faster by being better. We help you build this culture, through attention to leadership, happiness, space, empowerment, community, and communications. We like using games.

At least as important, though, is New Ways Of Managing™. Too often, management views the transformation to New Ways as something done to improve the practitioner workforce, not to management. This can't be. For an organisation to change, the management must change. So we combine the two into the phrase New Ways Of Working And Managing™, NWOWAM™. It is cumbersome but we leave it like that to make a point. This is one of the biggest issues facing organisations moving to agile ways of working. Managers must understand and focus on empowerment, collaboration, agility, and flow. So we make NWOM a special focus for Teal Unicorn. We provide coaching and training to get there.


Our favourite reading on NWOWAM:

  • Reinventing Organizations, Laloux Amazon
    Don't miss the Foreword by Ken Wilber
  • The Age of Agile, Steve Denning Amazon
  • Slack, Tom DeMarco Amazon
  • Team of Teams, Stanley McChrystal Amazon
  • Out of the Crisis, J.Edwards Deming Amazon
  • The New Economics, J.Edwards Deming Amazon
  • The Future of Management, Gary Hamel Amazon
  • Toyota Kata, Rother Amazon
  • The Goal, Eli Goldratt Amazon
  • Product Development Flow, Reinertsen Amazon
  • Thinking, Fast and Slow, Daniel Kahneman Amazon
  • Freedom from Command and Control, John Seddon Amazon
  • Cynefin framework, Dave Snowden
    A website not a book, but deserves mention:
  • How Complex Systems Fail, Dr Richard Cook
    Not a book, but a brief PDF
  • The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Patrick Lencioni Amazon
  • The Fifth Discipline, Peter Senge Amazon
  • The Field Guide to Understanding 'Human Error' , Sidney Dekker Amazon
  • The Systems Bible, Gall Amazon
  • Start With Why, Simon Sinek Amazon
  • Antifragile, Nic Taleb Amazon
    I have to say Taleb is unreadable. I never recommend him. Pompous and opaque.
    Jez Humble' s blog on Antifragile is enough for most DevOps practitioners.
  • Making Work Visible, Degrandis Amazon
    The definitive book on Kanban.
  • Lean Enterprise, Humble, Molesky, O’Reilly Amazon
    A great discussion of the organisational culture and behaviours. A bit too unicorn at times (startups) but covers real enterprises too.
  • First Break All the Rules, Buckingham Amazon
    I wish I had read this before I managed people.
  • Joy, Inc., Richard Sheridan Amazon
    This is so new age hippy dippy it made me gag but others love it.
  • The High-Velocity Edge: How Market Leaders Leverage Operational Excellence to Beat the Competition, Dr Steven Spear Amazon
    The title alone has put me off reading this so far - it screams hustler b.s. - but others point to it.
  • Freedom From Command And Control, John Seddon
    A visionary classic. Deep insight into systems thinking.

  • Turn the Ship Around, L David Marquet
    A lighter read, inspirational.