The agile Managers' Book Club

Here is a cost-effective way of learning about new advanced ways of managing for participants worldwide: we invite you to join the agile Managers' Book Club, where every week for five weeks we have an online session together with the book's author(s) to discuss one section of the book The agile Manager, as well as other pieces of reading each week, all sent to you. Seminars are run more than once (depending on numbers) to make it accessible globally.

This will give participants:

  • insight into the new ways of managing that an agile Manager needs
  • a cost effective way to equip yourself for the biggest shift in management thinking in generations
  • concise guided reading to study in your own time
  • an opportunity to connect and discuss with likeminded people around the world
  • lots of opportunity to discuss questions with the authors and your fellows
  • 10 or more hours of interactive training time for $288 including tax ($185 if you're quick!)
  • an answer to why it is a lower case "a" on The agile Manager

The course is of benefit to [quoting from our book]: managers, and those who govern them, develop them, or consult to them. Executive managers, middle managers, line managers, governors, auditors, coaches, consultants. Business, government, not-for-profit, around the world.
It’s more for horses than unicorns: “horses”, the established organisations with existing management structures, need this more than the seemingly-magical ones that already work in new ways, the “unicorns”.

The next series of 5 weeks starts January 18th, 2020!

We believe this is an effective way of absorbing the deep concepts behind agility, complexity, safety, humanistics, open, and all the new ways of working and managing:

    Human: people, humanity, wholeness, culture, sharing, empathy, diversity, inclusiveness, egality, trust, integrity, authenticity, open, transparency, curiosity, learning, mastery, pride, empowerment, freedom, authorisation, servant manager, safety, wellbeing, health. [states]
    Systems: customer, value, flow, feedback, quality, lean, streams, iteration, networks, complexity, chaos, emergence, antifragile, shift left, teams, organisation, collaboration, ritual, sharing, resilience, human error, holistic, data, science. [artefacts]
    Agility: ambiguous, uncertain, iterate, increment, experiment, explore, observe, adjust, fluid, organic, improve, curious, embrace failure, fail fast, small, granular, simplify, flexible, pragmatic. [actions/adjectives]
    from our book

Intensive classroom courses are still needed (we offer them in Asia/Pacific) but they require this kind of reflective study as well. It takes time, practice, and reflection to understand the profound shifts in how we think about work. As well, the intellectual foundations of Agile run deep - it takes a lot of learning to see why and how Agile works.

How it works:

Every week we send you about 30 pages from our book, plus other extracts or articles to support it.

You get a week to roll the content around and ponder it. You have an opportunity to discuss it with others and ask questions, and you have time to burrow into topics that attract your interest, guided by study materials.

Then we have the online seminar. Rob (or sometimes Dr. Cherry) will present some ideas from the reading. Then we discuss. This has worked enormously well for us with Vietnamese students who are all business owners or senior managers.

You can join in the discussion or just listen. If you are not the talkative kind, you can also email us questions. During the rest of the week, you find your own time to read. Members are encouraged to form smaller study groups, e.g. by locality, language, or specialist interests, but it isn't required.

It is entirely up to you how much you participate. You can be anonymous to the group if you want - let us know.

The discussion is driven by those attending, so it will vary every time.

Naturally we can't cover the whole book in five 2-hour sessions. We hope that you will come back for another series in future, because while we might repeat the book, you can be sure we don't repeat the content. There is far too much to talk about and we ensure that we cover new topics each cycle. Note that Teal Unicorn gives a 50% discount to students who repeat a course.

That's why we price it attractively: the cost is US$288 including tax (early bird $185) for 5 weeks of learning. It works like this: you sign up for 5 weeks, you attend as many of the 20 sessions as you wish, and those you miss you can hear a recording. We have chosen timezones that will appeal to as many people as possible.

Join the next cycle starting after January 18th, 2020.

Extra deal: if we get 20 signed up, everybody gets 8 weeks instead of 5! So please encourage friends and colleagues.

The first five weeks of the Book Club study group will look at:

  1. Why agile Management
  2. New Ways Of Thinking: human systems agility
  3. New Ways Of Managing: our six point model, new agile Management practices
  4. New ways of Working: the basic shifts in how we all work.
  5. Advancing yourself: how to change.
    Next steps, and how to hack the org, our formula for succeeding without executive support .

If we get enough registrations, we will extend to 8 weeks and deep dive into:

  1. Transparency and trust
  2. Agility and failure
  3. the Improvement Machine: a model for sustaining progress

Topics will change based on participant agreement.