Training on New Ways of Managing

Authentic, powerful, useful: our popular and successful training in new ways of work and management challenges conventional beliefs and practices of the workplace, to open you up to greater workplace agility and humanity.

We provide our own training that is a blend of lectures, workshops, activities, games, and simulations, to provide a rich learning experience for students.

Here is our programme of agile Enterprise (new ways of working and managing) training in Wellington. For other locations, contact us about onsite training within your organisation (anywhere in Asia/Pacific).

We also run training in Vietnam, in Vietnamese. Tìm hiểu về đào tạo tại việt nam.
We are now bringing this very successful and well-received training to Welly, in English.

On this page:

There is a description of all our courses here.

We also provide other training on IT and work topics.

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"I can't describe it clearly, but after coming home from your training, I look at things clearer, more excited, more confident and that inspires others. Then change happens every day. I go on making small changes and people continue to follow, I don’t need to urge them."
- Owner and CEO

Overview and special features

ImageTraining and facilitation is by Teal Unicorn: we are a pair of experienced consultants working in two countries to advance organisational agility: Rob England and Dr Cherry Vu. We are a couple. We bring our own humanity, authenticity, and vulnerability to the training. Don't expect formality.

Teal Unicorn has delivered dozens of New Ways training courses in Vietnam since July 2018, both in-house and public. Actually, Dr Vu delivers them and Rob makes the projector work and worries too much about the timing. We have had great success, with consistently positive feedback. We change work lives and even private lives, because the new ways of working and managing are about culture, beliefs, humanity, failure, uncertainty, empowerment, and openness. At the urging of the students, Dr Vu even created an "Agile Family" course to talk about the cultural impact on traditional Vietnamese families. Cherry used to teach senior Vietnamese government officials about management and ethics, as well as having accounting and law degrees and a PhD in public policy, and experience founding and running three companies with up to 200 employees - so she is a powerhouse instructor.

In New Zealand, Rob leads the training, and we get less personal (as suits the Kiwi culture). Nevertheless this training unpacks a renaissance in work thinking, a challenging paradigm shift in how we think about work and management. Teal Unicorn's specialty is advancing management, as we believe that management is the key to unlock the overall advance in work and culture. Rob has been training since 1986, mostly in IT until now, with a focus on new ways of working and managing there. He's a recognised speaker and thought-leader internationally and locally in NZ.

The consistently enthusiastic response and quick results from our training and consulting in Vietnam has convinced us to bring this programme to New Zealand. The courses are described here and the Catalog/schedule is below.

The training is useful for anyone working or managing anywhere. None of this is about IT, although it works there - the new ways are suited to all forms of knowledge work. Our target is management, and our best results come when we can train from the CEO up. (See what we did there? Flip the hierarchy.)

Our training is different. Yes, we still have Powerpoint slides, so we break it up with games, exercises, workshops, and discussions.
We have firm beliefs about the training environment, so we get out of the city, out of windowless rooms, and away from sleep-inducing food. Our facilities are usually big, open, well lit, relaxed, and a bit quirky or different.

Our preferred menu:

    Hard boiled eggs, meats, cheeses, fresh tomatoes, fruit, yoghurt, croissants...

    low carb, one starch dish e.g. pasta
    Chicken legs, kebabs, cold meats, salads, nuts...

    Fruit, low starch desserts, pastry savories ...
    Plunger coffee
    Vietnamese tea in pot, assorted teabags.
    Kombucha, real juice

    Snacks afterwards for those who want to linger.

We prefer to run training in Porirua. No, wait, hear us out.

Porirua is central to the student watershed.
Wellingtonians travel out against the traffic, on motorway or empty trains all the way.
Kapiti Coast folk travel in heavy traffic but stop half-way on their normal commute.
Hutt Valley travel over Highway 58 in moderate traffic, or take two trains.
If you fly in, we will shout you an Uber. Let us know.

We get you out of the city, away from work. And it's lovely here. We are going to get married in Porirua.

We have found the best places to run our courses, with a mix of venues to suit the content and audience.

New attendees get a complementary copy of our book The agile Manager

We provide ongoing support and coaching for our students, much of it on Facebook (don't even mention Slack, you geeks). You become part of our tribe, and sometimes our friends.
We look forward to meeting you.
Rob and Cherry

Go to the Catalogue and schedule of courses to register.

Bring a team!

    Build common understanding, language and vision
    Play team-building games
    Bring your own case study – solve a problem
    Do custom exercises
    Get coaching from the instructor

If you are attending as a team, notify us in advance to fill in a team-building worksheet.

Our Vietnam results


"Your method is easy to understand and I can apply it immediately after the training. I got the outcomes immediately. The digger workshop is extremely valuable for me too. It helps to review and remember the 3-day knowledge of training
I thank you and your husband for bringing this knowledge to Vietnam. We have the opportunity to approach, learn and change ourselves. "


"Like the way Cherry organised the course ... Like the way Cherry and Rob helped each other. Respect and love. Like the way Cherry told the story.
Thank you Cherry and Rob for giving me more confidence about happiness ... I have tried and always believed in happiness but in 3 years, I have failed many times. Now I have more faith with the true desire of my journey <3 <3 <3"

Image Image

"The stories shared by Cherry & Rob, persuasive evidence, understand right away, can apply immediately. Students arranged themselves so smoothly. Self-management spirit."


Catalogue and schedule of courses

Courses will be scheduled as demand requires. Contact us to let us know you are interested, or to enquire about onsite training within your organisation (anywhere in Asia/Pacific).

See below for suggested learning paths

Click for description
Duration Price
+ GST)
Click dates to register
Intro to agile Enterprise
1 day $900 Not scheduled - ask us
New Ways Of Working: agile Enterprise
3 days $2900 Not scheduled - ask us
agile Enterprise Study Group
3 hours
x 10 weeks
$2900 Not scheduled - ask us
Intro to The agile Manager
1 day $900 Not scheduled - ask us
New Ways Of Managing: the agile Manager
3 days $3900 Not scheduled - ask us
Advanced agile Manager
3 hours
x 12 weeks
Diggers simulation workshop
1 day $900 Not scheduled - ask us
The Message simulation workshop
1 day $900 Not scheduled - ask us
The Open Manager
2 days $2500 Not scheduled - ask us
Collaboration Rituals
1 day $1500 Not scheduled - ask us
The Unicorn Management Model
2 days $1900 Not scheduled - ask us
Know Kanban
1 day $600 Not scheduled - ask us

All tickets must be paid before the course.
Repeating students get a 50% discount. Contact us with details of your previous course for a discount code.
Invoices for payment only by arrangement.
Receipts only by request.
Attendee cancellations incur a 25% fee. There are no refunds less than 7 days from the course.
We reserve the right to cancel courses at any time for any reason, with a full refund.

Learning paths

These are some suggested learning paths through these courses. Contact us for help with planning. Or better still, just start. We teach that the fundamental behaviours of agility are iterate, increment, experiment, and explore. You don't know what you need until you do it. There is no rigid hierarchy of courses you need to work your way through. Have an initial plan and be willing to change it. Some will want to do one day and see what you think. Others will follow the full path through everything. Or change their mind later and skip some. Or do a course twice: we give 50% discount the second time.


For example, a learning path for a manager could be:

  • New Ways Of Working: agile Enterprise 3 days
  • New Ways of Managing: The agile Manager 3 days
  • CC Rituals 1 day
  • The Message 1 day

...and a learning path for a practitioner (a knowledge worker) could be:

  • New Ways Of Working: agile Enterprise 3 days
  • Diggers game 1 day
  • Know Kanban 1 day

At most, a manager could - over time - choose to do fifteen or more days training with us. Is that excessive? Heck no! Don't make the mistake of regarding these new ways as an additional tool in your bag. This is a management renaissance, the biggest shift in thinking about work for generations. You must re-engineer how you think and what you believe. Even fifteen days can only serve as a foundation - that's why we provide an ongoing three months of follow-up study and discussion. It's a lifetime of learning. But hey, it's hard to get managers for many days, so up to you. We'd rather have you with us for one day on the Intro course than not at all. We want you to know about these new ways of managing for your staff's sake.

" New approaches, new thinking in management. The same problem can be dealt with with new solutions, learned new thinking to apply in firms and life as well."

"Practical examples, new knowledge, games were easy to understand "

"Agility is not a strange concept but comes from a few simple things. "Be happy" "+" "BE NICE" are keywords."

"Easy to understand and can practice immediately"

"Agile in the way the course was conducted. inspirational, real stories. Agility is essential and a right approach."

"Good system makes good people. Must be happy."

"The games were simple but sent many messages. The way of interaction between Cherry and Rob (very cute and affectionate). Like examples of Cherry's family."

"Feel I'm loving people more. Empowerment: Set a horse free inside the fence."