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Two Hills Ltd is our company. Our DevOps/Agile/Lean services (consulting, training, and content) are provided under the Teal Unicorn brand.

Teal because of Frederic Laloux's model of Teal Culture

Unicorn because of the DevOps iconography around the term "unicorn".

The New Way Of Working because it is. In decades to come we will have a good laugh about how awful IT was before Agile.

In everything we do, it is all about "sensible business practices":

We are heavy on common sense, as distinct from purist theory. We take a pragmatic, practical approach to deliver the results. We are sceptical of technology or process for its own sake.

We understand business (and public service) imperatives. We are driven by return on investment, cost justification, necessary compliance, and risk control.

Our expertise is in IT transformation, culture change, leadership, and operational practices: the combination of policy, plans and people to operate the organisation. We work in IT governance, strategy, management, and operations.

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Two Hills Ltd provides real consulting: we charge for the hours we work and we work only when we are providing useful service to you, which is generally high level advice and planning (though we are also happy to roll our sleeves up and get things done for you too). We tend to steer away from 5-days-a-week contracting except when you need an operational role created or temporarily filled.

Our primary consultants are Rob England and Dr. Vu, though we can bring in a wide range of experienced experts to help.

We work for a wide range of organisations: local government, national government, businesses, not-for-profits. We have been engaged by some of the largest and smallest organisations in New Zealand.

Our sweet spot is advice and guidance for an IT transformation programme. We can help:
Consulting on IT strategy and governance: Rob's critical, skeptical and pragmatic approach to IT adds value to any strategic or governance planning, bringing an experienced eye to the development and review of culture, strategy, policy, structures, plans and processes. We draw from a wide range of bodies of knowledge. We can help:

    transform IT - systems, people, practices, and tools - with approaches such as Continual Improvement and DevOps

    develop leadership, helping managers and executives understand the New Way Of Working, including servant leadership and Agile principles

    build culture, through attention to leadership, happiness, space, empowerment, community and communications

    review capability and risk in governance and management of IT

    establish governance structures and processes in your organisation to better manage the value, risks and costs of your IT department

    develop strategy, policy and plans for IT including ISSP, investment programme, service portfolio, policy framework, and principles

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We have a huge range of training available, in classrooms, workshops and games. Talk to us about what works for your organisation.

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Certified Agile Process Owner
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DevOps RoadDojo
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Real Response: A Pattern For Responding
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Plug and Socket: the practical application of governance to IT
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