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This page describes all of the Two Hills stable of websites: conceived, designed, built, written and administered by Two Hills. Every site conceived, designed, constructed, adminstered and maintained by Rob England. Each one runs on the Two Hills technology stack, an assembly of open source software from Linux up, hosted in Utah, USA.

The IT Skeptic™
Critical analysis and opinion of IT's siller moments: the unmasking of fuzzy thinking and outright deception

    Real ITSM™ (pronounced "real-it-sm") : Get Real. a cynical look at how IT Service Management is really done, never mind the fine theories like ITIL. Links to the book on the same topic.

    The IT Skeptic's ITIL Pipe
    Using the new Yahoo Pipes to consolidate a wide-ranging feed of all things ITIL

    BOKKED™: the Body of Knowledge Known Error Database. A repository of errors and deficiencies in bodies of knowledge such as ITIL. Also hoping to get input on COBIT, ISO20000 etc

Ops4Less™: cut the cost of ops. A user contribution site aiming to collate good ideas and advice on reducing the costs in IT operations. To heck with best practice: many organisations want to improve service and/or governance, but they just want to do the underlying operations cheaper.

BSM: Basic Service Management. A book and website devoted to making service management (SM) accessible to smaller or "beginner" organisations. Not IT-specific SM, this is about SM for any organisation. BSM includes:

Digital Family Trunk™: preserving precious memories for future generations. How to store modern digital memories, turn analog memories into digital, capture oral history, organise it all and keep it safe.

He Tangata™: IT is the people.

Make The MOST™: a sales methodology and tool.

EnGrok™: Two Hills training courses.

Chocolate In The Morning: it's the best time for it. Chocolate adds life and zing: eat it to start the day. Might as well get your sinning over with early.

ttjasi: Quit Your Job. Advice and encouragement for those looking for a job change. Being happy at work is not a right but that does not mean we are obligated to be unhappy.

CoPr™: Core Practice. Copper: good as gold. Don't flog your organisation chasing best practice. When best is too good, do CoPr. Site under redevelopment through 2009.

Web Hills: A Webpreneur's Blog. Lessons and insights from this web entrepreneur's e-commerce journey

South Pacific Lines. Rob's personal model railroading site, but also an experiment in commercialisation.

Billboards on the Highway of Life. Rob's personal observations and musings triggered by the little things we often pass by.

Advice For My Son. Just in case I'm not around, advice for my son as he enters and navigates teenage.

For more on these sites and the business models behind them, watch the Web Hills blog.

This page is part of a book: "About"
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